Healthcare Information Systems

Healthcare solutions place high demands on reliability, integration with many follow-up information systems and work with patients’ personal data… Therefore, they require IT professionals with good knowledge of the healthcare environment.

Supplies of utility solutions for the healthcare segment represent systems that need to smoothly cooperate with a large range of existing information systems of different suppliers, concepts, programming languages and operating systems.

Ness has extensive experience in providing integration and interoperability of various information systems used in healthcare for groups of practitioners, laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals. They require a sensitive access and harmonization of user interfaces, consolidation of graphic design as well as creation and maintenance of API for integrated systems. 

Medical applications used by healthcare professionals are sensitive to changes and interventions in the control habits of doctors and the medical staff. Therefore, the integration of healthcare information systems is not easy and requires a comprehensive and professional approach of Ness experts to the healthcare environment.​

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