eHealth Solutions Testing

High demands on reliability of health systems and security of patients’ personal data also require a specific approach and testing methodology.

The testing process is a planned and systematic activity that is of vital importance in software solutions development and integration, which represents one of the main activities of Ness Technologies. Testing is based on defined testing methodology that is supported by testing tools. 

Testing approach is set by testing strategy for the project and must ensure meeting the customer requirements: 

  • Verification of meeting key requirements 
  • Priorities based on risk assessment 
  • High coverage of essential requirements 
  • Coverage of critical and basic system functions (core of the system) 

In order to eliminate human factor errors, Ness uses tools for automation of testing that provide: 

  • Automated performance of tests 
  • Generating testing data for test performance without the need of user interaction 
  • Performing tests on different data sets (Data Driven Testing) 
  • The automated testing methods allow for test replication 

Tests are carried out at different levels:

  • Unit tests (tests within development)
  • Functional and system integration testing 
  • Performance testing 
  • Load testing 
  • Stress testing 
  • User Acceptance tests (UAT)
  • Security penetration tests 
  • Tests of operating procedures 
  • Tests of system recovery and replacement operating procedures (DRP, BCM)

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