Testing & QA

Ness provides more efficient processes and approaches to testing.

​​​Based on the utilization of standard procedures, methodologies and our experience from many local and international projects we create our own approaches with maximum added value for our customers.​Ness focuses on the areas of testing and quality assurance on a long-term basis and actively participates in defining new approaches. In more than 15 years of our operation in the Czech Republic we have developed a competence center with unique knowledge in many fields (finance, telecommunications, utilities, state administration and manufacturing) not only in the Czech Republic, but also within the European region.

We build our solutions on long-term cooperation with customers, understanding the issues in each segment and teams of leading experts with expert knowledge of the environment (ISTQB, IBM RUP, OMG UML, ITIL certificates) and customer needs. We take advantage of the strategic know-how of our global division with more than 2500 experts.

Ness Services

  • Performance On Demand
  • Performance and Stress Tests
  • Testing Strategy
  • Environment and Data Testing
  • Handover tests
  • Quality assurance
  • Automated Testing
  • Offshore

Knowledge and Experience of Performance and Stress Tests

Performance testing is focused on determining how fast the system or subsystem performs operations exposed to different stress. It can be also used for validation and verification of other qualitative system attributes such as scalability, resource reliability and utilization. The primary objective of stress testing is verifying the system performance exposed to specific stress whether big data or large number of users is concerned.

With Ness services you will gain…

  • Detailed overview of the performance of your systems or applications
  • Knowledge of application parameters for clients from different parts of the world
  • You will be informed in time about the potentially problematic or risky parts of the system
  • Faster and more stabile system (usually without additional investments in infrastructure)
  • Ability to make the right decisions before further development of your application also in the long term
  • Client satisfaction with the response and reliability of your systems

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