Digital Commerce

Nowadays the customers are more informed, more demanding and mobile.

​​​​​​​​​Their expectations are higher than ever before. They expect the best shopping experience regardless which channel they use for interaction with the company – smartphone, tablet, sales booth, call center, social media​. Meanwhile they expect flexibility and personalization and they assume a qualified offer based on customer data and experience.

If we want to track and manage the customer purchase journey and their experience, the infrastructure and business processes need to be linked in order to work together towards a comprehensive solution. It is necessary for a high-quality personalization across channels to collect, clean, link and utilize customer data. Even though a single well-controlled channel can be commercially satisfactory, the inability to link all channels usually results in the inability to fully satisfy customers.

Situation of Companies

  • Need to increase their sales through cross-sell and up-sell
  • Use various channels for communication with customers and suffer from inconsistent approach
  • Need to reduce costs of running multiple channels
  • Suffer from complexity of product portfolio and processes
  • Fragmentation of applications – many uncoordinated owners, technological platforms, inconsistent UX, non-functional mobile web
  • Slow and inflexible process for introducing changes

Ness Technologies can combine all these requirements and unify your business processes in a single, highly flexible platform. Thus you can offer your customers a first-class shopping experience while maximizing your revenue.

We bring a variety of platforms with a set of tools and features to cover online and assisted channels for serving the customer – eSales application, self-care application, product catalog, personalization, marketing, communication and analytical tools, order management…

Benefits of Our Services

Increasing Revenue

  • acquisition of new customers
  • greater number of orders
  • higher average order value

Reducing Operating Costs

  • transferring simple operations from expensive channels online
  • synergy of a multichannel approach

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

  • addressing the requirements from the comfort of your home
  • mobile application
  • multichannel experience

Possibility of a massive product merchandising without IT involvement

Why Ness

  • We are intensively engaged in these issues since 2006
  • We have an experienced team for a complete delivery of more than 30 experts
  • Ness is technologically independent and provides various platforms:



Customer Service System for O2 Slovakia 

Ness Technologies experts successfully launched a new eCommerce solution for O2 Slovakia – a complete portfolio of applications for sales and service processes and for the customer relationship management. The innovative solution will serve the customers in the e-shop, within their Internet self-service, and the applications will also function as the main work tool for employees in operator’s branches, call-centers and for O2 business representatives.         

The purpose of this innovation is to replace several existing systems by one powerful and flexible one, with single product catalog, all customer data in one place and single platform for business and customer care. The goal is also to significantly enhance the role of self-service channels. (The surveys show that 80 % of customer calls to the call-center could be easily dealt with in the self-service zone).              

New technologies will allow the Slovak mobile operator to increase the comfort of service and customer satisfaction, save time for the call-center staff and streamline staff training by up to 50 %. It will also enable to make necessary changes in the system much easier in the future.     

In the next phase we will extend the delivered solution with new CRM and care processes. The solution is technologically built on the Liferay Portal and Broadleaf Commerce platforms.     

The introduced innovations reflect the current trends of telecommunications companies – simplifying the infrastructure and product and services portfolio, single access via all service channels and use of cost-effective technologies.​

​eShop T-Mobile Czech Republic

​Ness Technologies implemented a solution of online sales of mobile services and devices for the mobile operator T-Mobile Czech Republic. It is realized through web channel, through the information line operators and also indirectly through external sales partners.    

The mobile operator gained a modern online sales system which helps its customers to understand the T-Mobile service and product offering easily and order products and services from the comfort of their home or office. 

The user can respond to current needs of sales and presentation within business administration immediately – change and introduce products, set the sequence of purchase steps, adjust the product presentation content, create personalized offerings for selected customer groups, etc.  

Thus the mobile operator has more opportunities to gain new customers and sell its products and services online. It also enables to react flexibly and launch new products to the market faster.

Ness Technologies experts developed the solution on the Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform and fully integrated it with other corporate systems.

​​eShop and Sel​​​​​fCare for virtual operator Kaktus

Ness also delivered a new eShop and SelfCare application with casual dynamic design to the virutal operator Kaktus. The solution is based on the Broadleaf Commerce and Liferay Portal platforms.​​

​My O2 Internet Self-Service  

Ness Technologies developed and delivered the eCommerce portal and My O2 Internet Self-Service to O2 Czech Republic a.s. The main benefits of the system based on Oracle ATG eCommerce included cost savings for the operator while improving the quality of customer care.    

The customers are able to maintain their customer account more easily, get information on the use of services faster and also activate them immediately without the need to call the customer service or visiting the O2 store. 

My O2 Self-Service delivered significant cost savings in customer care and at the same time it became an effective communications channel for personalized marketing.​

​​eCommerce Portal O2 Czech Republic

Not only mobile phone operators are placing still greater emphasis on self-service digital business channels – they are convenient, save time and money. 

Ness Technologies experts implemented the eCommerce portal for O2 Czech Republic, which provides services of Internet sales and self-service for households and business customers in one place and single technology. 

Fully-fledged online sales and self-service channel made the life of O2 customers easier and helped to increase the share of self-service channel as opposed to the more expensive assisted ones. Another key part was to make portal operation cheaper and faster and to introduce changes according to business needs. New product offerings or marketing campaigns can now be presented online almost immediately.    

O2 customers have all the services within arm’s reach, in one place, under single shared logging and their requirements are automated and quickly processed. The solution also allows customer behavior and data analysis which can be used for creation of personalized campaigns or suitable cross-sell or up-sell.   

The delivered solution on the Oracle ATG Web Commerce technological platform provides a complete portfolio of modern online business channel functions. Ness Technologies experts not only delivered the technologies, but due to their knowledge and experience also took part in various project phases as consultants.

​ING Pojišťovna (NN Group) – eCommerce port​​al

Ness Technologies consultants delivered the eCommerce Service portal solution to ING Pojišťovna, which provides the clients with easy and fast online management of their contracts from the comfort of their home.       

The ING Group companies lacked care support for more than 100,000 customers through the online channel. One of the key requirements of ING was development of Selfcare portal, where the customers will be able to create their own product according to offered options.         

In addition to the online modern and effective client service, the solution made it easier for the call center operators, especially it reduced the number of client queries on the status of their contracts (pension insurance, life insurance) and provided single web platform for online customer service and awareness.      

The portal allows its customers to      

  • view the already purchased products and their history (payment transactions, payments, view of portfolio development in funds …) 
  • change their service parameters (contact information, addresses, sending in statements, amount of the allowance, employer/savings contributor, fund savings strategy…) 
  • negotiate a new pension product 
  • negotiate the tax optimum  

The ING Service portal was a unique combination of complete delivery of the portal solution on the Liferay platform with the provision of Web Content Management. One application serving clients from two countries (Czech Republic and Slovakia) with different products is also not a usual situation.         

The solution uses technologies and integration platform in a way to allow adding other applications and services from other suppliers as needed.

A survey conducted by the ING Insurance Company confirmed a measurable improvement of the customer satisfaction, improvement of customer care and optimization of customer center’s operating costs.


Internet Portal and eConfigurator for Škoda Auto  

Our experts have created a modern Internet portal for Škoda Auto, which became the basis for the worldwide Internet presentation of the Czech largest company.   

Part of the Škoda Auto web portal is also a unique configurator which enables everyone to „put together“ your future car, motorization, color of the paint and its accessories from the comfort of your home.    

The eConfigurator monitors how many cars matching the criteria are currently in stock at any Škoda dealer across the Czech Republic. The eConfigurator will offer the potential customer also a leasing calculator of ŠkoFin with the terms of financing of the selected car. ​

eClient zone​

eShop for the purchase of time tickets