eHealth Portals

In the field of eHealth, Internet portals represent not only a gateway to eHealth for citizens, but they can also quickly provide valuable information in case of urgent medical interventions.

​​Ness has experience with conception, creation and operation of information portals, which also include health portals. The portal represents experience in optimizing structure of individual information layers with the system optimizing the number of user clicks needed to obtain the required information.   

The system of linking various types of sources is important for portals in order to minimize duplication of information and costs of portal maintenance and update. 

Parts of portal were developed in cooperation with patient organizations and healthcare professionals. The portal allows visitors to find solution of life situations, find information quickly in case of urgent medical intervention and also allows access to the most important information for tourists in selected languages.   

The portal also serves for education of citizens, it gives answers to basic questions connected with anatomy of human body, physiological processes, it allows for education in hygiene, common illnesses, orientation in nutrition and prevention.

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