National Health Portal

National Health Portal – gateway for the citizen/patient into the world of eHealth.

​The basic task of the National Health Portal is to provide open and comprehensive information about health and what threatens it, about diseases and their treatment, diagnosis, about medication and healthcare providers as well a​s legislation in healthcare.

Citizens will know for certain that the information is:

  • reliable 
  • authorized 
  • current 
  • complete and intelligible 
  • noncommercial 

It will serve three groups of users: 

  • citizen / patient 
  • healthcare worker 
  • foreign visitor 

Information for Citizens:

  • Dealing with life situations related to health
  • Symptoms, prevention and treatment of the most commonly occurring diseases 
  • Health threats 
  • Health promotion 
  • Healthcare system in the given country, laws and rights of the patient 
  • Healthcare system abroad: possibilities and conditions for the provision of planned and emergency healthcare in EU countries and outside them 
  • Information about healthcare providers 
  • Interesting data from health statistics 

Information for Healthcare Workers:

  • Medical legislation in the given country and EU 
  • Authorized information about medicaments and medical devices 
  • Possibilities of further education in healthcare
  • State healthcare institutions, specialized organizations, professional associations 

Information for Foreign Visitors:

  • About healthcare system in the country visited 
  • Basic scenarios on how to proceed in case of urgent or planned need of healthcare during a stay in the visited country 

Via the National Health Portal citizens get safely to their Citizen Health eBook (EZK). It contains the most important data from patient’s healthcare documentation. It provides the citizens and their attending physicians with an overview of immediately accessible and important health information needed for diagnosis, medical care and rehabilitation, and thus significantly improves the quality and safety of provided healthcare. At the same time, the Citizen Health eBook moves the citizens from passive recipients of healthcare to more active, informed patients. At the same time, it enables them to make their own notes and comments related to health and healthcare, such as taking over-the-counter medication, diets, regular exercise, etc.

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