Smart Grid

​​​Smart Grid is a necessary response of the distribution companies to the new challenges in the energy sector.

​​Smart Grid is a platform that helps companies to prepare for changes coming in the following years. Global changes in many spheres of life affect energy companies at the first place. Success of these companies depends on how they respond to these changes.


​Smart Grid combines experience from utility, telecommunication and banking projects, and covers:

  • Local management of distribution grid
  • Balancing and optimizing local production and consumption
  • Management of the region in the "island" mode​
  • Readings and management of electricity meters
  • Collection of measurements and other data (sensors, probes, active elements)
  • Management of electric vehicle's charging stations

Advantages of Smart Grid solutions

Operating Benefits

  • Optimizing operation of distribution grid
  • Prediction and prevention of failures
  • Increase network stability (eliminating the impact of unpredictable sources)

Business Benefits for Distributors

  • Higher quality of supplied energy and services

Business Benefits for Dealers

  • Provision of value-added services
  • SLA management

Economic Benefits

  • Saving costs of further network building
  • Increase revenue by eliminating losses


CEZ Distribuce – Dispa​​​tching Control System​

We have successfully implemented the key project of introducing a unified dispatching system for managing distribution network of very high, high and low voltage for the company CEZ Distribuce. The new system replaced five existing different dispatching systems. Ness won this contract in public procurement of this largest electricity distributor in the Czech Republic.       

Apart from implementing new Smart Grid projects, the new system enabled optimization of CEZ Distribuce distribution network management, particularly a greater degree of security and possibility of cooperation between regions, including the complete takeover of management in case of outages or natural disasters. Another advantage includes the improvement of the level of interconnection with customer systems and call center, which enables the distributor faster and more precise identification and solution of the problem reported by customer.     

Ness experts in cooperation with its partner ELEKTROSYSTEM a.s. delivered the complete hardware and software infrastructure and the tried and tested management system RIS, ensured data migration and integration and created interface for other systems of the client, such as GIS, SAP, CRM of customer centers etc. Simulator for training of dispatchers, together with the condition that implementing the entire project must not endanger the operation of distribution system, were an important part of the delivery.    

Per second, the system can process up to 1,000 changes which enter it from data concentrators. During major changes or failures in the distribution network the performance can be many times higher. All of the data is processed within 2 seconds after entering the dispatch control system and thus available for future decision making and management of the distribution system.​

​CEZ – Automatic Meter Manag​​ement

Ness Technologies experts implemented the Powel ELIN technology in CEZ Mereni within the wide pilot project of automatic metering. It studies new methods of electricity metering in the CEZ Group by collecting data on consumption and network using Smart Meters. The collected data is analyzed and used for optimization of the CEZ Distribuce distribution network.       

The main objective of this unique project was to gain information on operation and possibilities of SMART Metering implementation in the conditions of the Czech Republic and to enable CEZ to test current HW and SW technologies in real environment of the distribution network. The project further aimed to specify the requirements for possible future roll-out of SMART Metering and create conditions for development and testing of the Smart region concept, in which SMART Metering creates multi-utility data from consumption of electricity, gas and water.         

About 35,000 SMART Meters were deployed in the distribution network for the purpose of the pilot project, which represented about 1 % of all meters in the CEZ network.    

The project successfully demonstrated the possibilities and outcomes of the SMART Metering system deployed in the existing network of the Czech Republic.

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