Smart simulator

…ability to evaluate difficult simulations of Smart Grid and save future costs.

​​​​​​​​​Energy production starts to be more and more decentralized and atomized with the growing number of photovoltaic and wind power plants. Energy production using renewable energies generates lots of benefits (e.g. carbon footprint reduction). On the other hand it places big demands on current distribution networks – with risks like overloads, failures and blackouts at worst.

Smart Simulator provides

  • Ability to run simulations in a wide range and save future costs
  • Minimization of risk related to launching Smart Metering / Smart Grid projects
  • Information about the real behavior of components in the network without the necessity to purchase costly infrastructure and hire specialists
  • Relevant data showing what exactly we need in the following steps of the project (e.g. RFP)

Smart Simulator can answer these specific questions…

  • How many measured values can the system for data collection and control process?
  • How often can you get the outputs / measured values?
  • What kind of data protocol is the most reliable for certain case?
  • Where are potential risks in your Smart Metering / Smart Grid infrastructure or technology?
  • How will the tested system handle extreme situations like failure of communication system?
  • What is the relevant information about the following steps of the project?
  • What will happen if the number of photovoltaic power plants in the distribution network increases by 30 %?
  • What impact will the defined change of weather have on the network operation? (e. g. increase in energy produced by wind or photovoltaic power plants)
  • What is the most optimal communication technology between single network elements in a given locality?

...and many others​


CEZ – Simulation Projects of A​​utomatic Metering 

Ness Technologies took part in one of the biggest Smart Metering pilot projects in Central Europe. Namely the Wide Pilot Project of Automatic Meter Management (WPP AMM) for CEZ with 35,000 meters in the distribution field.

Based on the requirements of CEZ, Ness Technologies experts together with its partners Mycroft Mind and the CERIT computing center (Masaryk University in Brno) designed a unique simulation and performance tests in order to give answers to possible questions that not only CEZ could have.          

The tests worked with 3,500,000 supply points which corresponds to the total number operated by CEZ in the distribution network at the low voltage level. The goal, apart from testing new technologies of the automatic data collection and the flexibility and reliability of communication, was to identify possible weaknesses during a real system load.      

The results of the simulation project provided some essential facts about the future of Smart Metering roll-out and a more detailed view of how the new technology will affect the existing distribution networks and associated IT systems.​

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